Check in with your team
Hey, how are you today?

How does the HappyTrack Slackbot help?

Every day, HappyTrack asks your team a straightforward question “Hey, how are you today?”

You answer from 1-10. One being low, ten being high. (And don’t worry, we understand that everyone has different scales!)

Your selected colleagues receive a notification if your answer is lower than usual and get prompted to check in with you.

We’ve found that a simple tool like this takes less than 10 seconds to interact with each day, doesn’t interrupt you in the good times, and makes a real difference in the hard times.

Get Started

Installing HappyTrack is really simple. You need to:

  • Be using a Slack workspace (either free or paid tier)
  • Be using Google’s GSuite
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The HappyTrack Story

Many employees have been forced to work from home, away from their usual office contexts, often for the first time.

Employers find their teams suddenly separated and grappling with staying connected to their colleagues. Many employers face the question of how to support their staff in these unfamiliar times. Employees often don’t know how to start the conversation.

That’s why we’re creating HappyTrack. A simple daily check-in that helps us support each other.

Interested in HappyTrack?

HappyTrack is now available from the Slack app store. You’re one of the first people to find it, so we’re really interested in your feedback. If you’d like to help us improve it for everyone, we’d love to hear from you!

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